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Star Cast : Bobby Deol,Sunny Deol,Urmila Matondkar,Dara Singh

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Dillagi is a 1999 Indian Hindi drama film co-produced and directed by Sunny Deol and also starring Sunny Deol alongside his real-life brother Bobby Deol and Urmila Matondkar.

Plot: Rajvir and Ranvir are devoted brothers. They along with their family, leave their village in Punjab to move to Mumbai. When their mother passes away, Ranvir takes on the responsibility of looking after his younger brother. After some hardships Ranvir, along with his father, manages to turn everything around and their family becomes really wealthy. But Rajvir, on the other hand, lives recklessly. The first scene of the movie shows Ranvir inaugurating a hotel and they have a party where Rajvir arrives later with his foreign girl-friend. They have a grand-mother who takes care of them along with their father.

Shalini joins the same college as Rajvir and falls for his charm. He tries to woo her as a joke but she falls in love with him. One night, Shalini confesses her love for Rajvir telling him she intends to marry him assuming the same desire on Rajvir's part, but he takes the proposal casually, as a joke. This doesn't annoys Shalini at first as she had fell for him deeply.
She keeps on talking about marriage but one day Rajvir goes berserk and tells her that he does not love her. He even shows up at Shalini's house (enraged because his friends told him they think he has fallen in love with Shalini) disrespecting her parents as well in the process. This crushes Shalini deeply as she realizes she had loved a wrong person. A college rival of Rajvir, that is jealous of Rajvir since he had a crush on Shalini but she fell in love with Rajvir instead, tries to beat up Rajvir with his hired goons. Ranvir learns of it and rushes over to Rajvir's aid. The college student and his goons attack Rajvir on the head with a weapon, but Ranvir arrives and saves Rajvir, and they thrash the goons and Rajvir's college rival.
Prior to all this, Ranvir had caught a glimpse of Shalini at a signal on a road and fell in love with her. After seeing Shalini at a wedding, he discovers her identity. He sent a marriage proposal but she refused it claiming she loves someone else (Rajvir). Ranvir, heartbroken, accepts.
After the aforesaid event, Shalini meets Ranvir again and they both eventually fall in love, and Shalini accepts Ranvir's marriage proposal. Rajvir later realises his love for Shalini and confesses it in front of Ranvir (who is unaware that Rajvir's love interest is Shalini), who encourages him to propose Shalini. By this time, Rajvir and Ranvir had no idea that they are talking about the same woman.
When he shows up and confesses his love, Shalini very politely disapproves. He feels broke and vows to kill that person (unaware it is Ranvir, as he never met his sister-in-law). Later, he sees Ranvir along with Shalini in a restaurant and in anger behaved very rudely with Ranvir. Ranvir slaps Rajvir and Rajvir pushes him away, leaving both Ranvir and Shalini shocked. Rajvir then runs and attempts to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, Ranvir rushes behind him, to save him, but is hit by a car and goes into a coma. Shalini bursts out at Rajvir because, due to him, so many people were troubled.
Later, in an emotional scene, Rajvir apologises to Ranvir, and he wakes up from his coma forgiving Rajvir. Shalini and Ranvir get married.
The film ends up with Rajvir going back to his village and ends up meeting Rani and falling for her. Rani is played by the beautiful Preity Zinta.



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