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Amala Paul opens up on her long battle with depression! Tue April 07th, 2020
Amala Paul opens up on her long battle with depression!
As we all know that south star Amala Paul lost her father Paul Varghese in January 2020 due to cancer. Now, in an emotional Instagram post, Amala narrated what all she went through after his demise. In the post, she also stressed at the significance of self-loving.  Furthermore, she also elucidated how society conditions our behavior and how people are always sacrificing their inner child in the process of obtaining materialistic things.
She also talked about what women are sacrificing just to make their living. Amala Paul admitted that along with her mother Annie Paul, she had had a long battle with depression, but now they are transforming themselves through healing and love. She also thanked her brother Abijith for his continuous support during the distressed times.
She posted, “we shift from relationship after relationship, craving for company and searching for the missing 'half' in people, things, career, substances, momentary pleasures, experiences all a mean to escape our true-selves only to be left more emptied… when will we learn to love ourselves as a 'whole' and fully embrace the dark, light, good, bad, happiness, emptiness, vulnerabilities, pain, insecurities, fears? thanks to my constant support system, my dearest brother for all that he is and especially for making my childhood traumatic experiences very entertaining and still continuing to do that lots of love and healing to all the broken hearts”.


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