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Alia Bhatt attends fashion show in London with Hollywood celebs! Tue May 14th, 2024
Alia Bhatt attends fashion show in London with Hollywood celebs!
Following her success in India, Alia Bhatt is becoming well-known worldwide. She just stole the show at the Met Gala 2024, having made her Hollywood debut the previous year. The actress recently walked in a high-profile fashion show in London. Alia was seated in the front row among celebrities such as Debbie Harry and Demi Moore.
Along with posing alongside Davika Hoorne, she looked stunning in a bodycon dress. Images of Alia from the occasion have recently appeared online.

Gucci's global brand ambassador, Alia Bhatt, attended the upscale retailer's Cruise 2025 event on May 13. She wore a stunning bodycon dress the color of wine to the event at the Tate Modern in London. With a rich red lipstick that stole the show, Alia wore her makeup subdued and wore her hair in a ponytail.
Alia was spotted in the front row with American actress Demi Moore and singer-actress Debbie Harry in a photo taken inside the fashion presentation. Model Lila Moss, actor Andrew Scott from Fleabag, and actress Park Gyu-young from South Korea were all included in the photo.
Davika Hoorne, a Thai actress who attended the fashion show, posted photos of the occasion on Instagram. She was pictured with Alia Bhatt in the first photo, writing, “good friends, good vibes good fashion,” in her caption.


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