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I've always been drawn to strong women, says Jessica Alba! Wed October 16th, 2019
I've always been drawn to strong women, says Jessica Alba!
"I have always been drawn to strong women in characters that I played. You know, I dabbled in playing some characters that were a little more passives and I don't know I pulled it off that well to be honest with you,"Alba told when questioned how important it is to present strong female role models onscreen.
"I naturally have that sort of, I guess that sort of, approach and that's my energy and my vibe. So I always think and I feel like when I started as an actress that was kind of my thing was, like, why can't you be strong and intelligent and self-sufficient. You know, even if you are a woman that shouldn't mean that you need to be weak and saved constantly," further added Jessica Alba.
On the films front, Alba has featured in "Sin City", "Fantastic Four" and "Into the Blue". She has also worked on TV shows such as "Flipper", "Dark Angel" and "The Spoils of Babylon".
"I feel like I have always played those roles. Being a mother of a daughter, you realise how important or how impressionable media and pop culture can be on men. So it's just kind of makes the damage more important and add actually as an executive producer to the push that message forward and to make sure that we shape a show that has complex women that aren't perfect and that have flaws but can still be heroes," she told.


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