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Mrunal Thakur reminiscences when she was asked to lose weight! Wed February 21st, 2024
Mrunal Thakur reminiscences when she was asked to lose weight!
HI Nanna the actress Mrunal Thakur recounted an incident in which she was informed she was not at all sexy by a director she had seen for a meeting. In an interview, the actress said she was perplexed. "Are you talking about the character or myself?" she questioned him again. To which, the director had replied that the character is “but I just don’t see you like that.”
Following this, Mrunal requested a look test, however the photographer didn't recognize Mrunal as that persona when he first entered. Mrunal further revealed, “Later on, he came to me and apologized. I have immense faith in my team because they transform me. As an actor, it is important for me to be neutral, because then all the filmmakers around me can mould me into that character.”
Actress Mrunal Thakur discussed her perceptions of herself in the film industry in the same interview, emphasizing the importance of having an attractive appearance. Even the dead skin on her big toe appeared hot, according to Mrunal. She further revealed, “But I can’t keep showing that constantly. I have to be me.”
“What is it that people want to see? I did a song and people were like don’t do this, you have to lose weight. I said, listen, I have thick thighs and I own them, and I am so comfortable. If I am not uncomfortable, then why are you uncomfortable?,” said Mrunal in a media chat while remembering an incident.


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