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Lust Stories 2 actress Kajol spends her time crocheting inside her vanity van! Wed May 15th, 2024
Lust Stories 2 actress Kajol spends her time crocheting inside her vanity van!
Bollywood actress Kajol has shown us glimpses of her favorite hobby, crocheting, on several times. She hardly ever sits still. However, the star chooses to make the most of her free time by using her talents to make a custom gown.
The actress previously revealed that she doesn't use her phone to browse social media to pass the time while getting her hair and makeup done.
When Kajol, the Bollywood actor, is present, it's difficult to ignore her. The celebrity likes to strike up a conversation with passersby and make them laugh with her humorous antics. On the other hand, there are days when she just wants to crochet, which is her go-to stress-relieving pastime, and listen to her list of favorite soundtracks.
The Dilwale actor showed her followers on May 14 via social media how she stays active while preparing for events and filming. She is seen seated in her chair in the video as her cosmetics and hair artists work to give her the finest possible look. Rather than idly browsing through her phone, she used her crochet hook and yarn to craft a stunning article of apparel.
Sharing the clip, she wrote, “Makeup will come and go. Hair will come and go. But Crochet will live on forever. #partyondude #crochetandme #diyparty.”
Following her role in Lust Stories 2, Kajol completed filming Do Patti and Sarzameen.


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