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Deepika Padukone is my guide, says Ranveer Singh! Tue May 26th, 2020
Deepika Padukone is my guide, says Ranveer Singh!
Recently, Ranveer Singh was live on the Instagram with Sunil Chhetri. He disclosed numerous aspects of life like his childhood, shows he watched on television, his college life, and his passion for movies. But, Ranveer Singh called wife Deepika Padukone his guide. Sunil Chhetri questioned him about how Deepika Padukone worries about his giving so much of his time and efforts that it gets her worrying at times. Ranveer Singh replied saying he knows about Deepika's worry about the way he gives his 100 percent to his character.
He further reveals that his wife is his guide and she is more evolved and matured than he is. Ranveer says that Deepika has seen more ups and downs in her film career than what he has witnessed. The actor states that every Friday the actor's destiny changes, and every movie is a different experience. Ranveer Singh gives credit to his wife, as she is the one who guides him through the good and the bad times.


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