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Anurag Kashyap opens on being scared to make a film with Shah Rukh Khan! Thu June 06th, 2024
Anurag Kashyap opens on being scared to make a film with Shah Rukh Khan!
Anurag Kashyap is a unique filmmaker who makes his films stand out by tackling bold subjects. The director has made some of the most incredible movies of his career.

The director is not afraid to voice his ideas, and he recently claimed in an interview that Shah Rukh Khan and his massive fan base have never collaborated with him. The director of Bombay Velvet said that it is not possible to collaborate on a film with the Swades star at this time.
Although Anurag Kashyap was a fan of Shah Rukh Khan and his work, he told a media source that he could not collaborate with the star. Although SRK used to work with everyone, he admitted that it is currently not viable to do a film with him.

Anurag went on to explain that he is now "scared" by SRK's fan base, despite the fact that he actually likes the actor and had once dreamed of collaborating with him on a movie. “In this day and age of social media, I am terrified by the fanbases big stars have. Actors get typecast because of fans, and the fans want the same things from them again and again. If that doesn’t happen, fans reject it, so even actors get apprehensive about trying new things.”
Anurag continued by saying that SRK is someone who will make the movie he wants to make, not just one to appease the fans, and for that reason he is scared to work with him. Kashyap went on to claim that he might lose a lot of money due to the publicity around his collaboration with Pathaan star on a film of this caliber. “So it’s not in my capacity to cater to SRK’s aura or enigma. If his film Fan had worked, I could have said that I too have the courage to work with him,” concluded the director.
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