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Bobby Deol's reaction on his limited screen time in Animal! Tue December 05th, 2023
Bobby Deol's reaction on his limited screen time in Animal!
The film directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga is doing extremely well at the box office. On December 1, the movie, which starred Rashmika Mandanna and Ranbir Kapoor in the key parts, was released in theaters. Aside from the plot and the catchy soundtrack, Bobby Deol's role in the movie has been the center of a lot of attention. Following the release of the teaser for the film, his portrayal as the antagonist Abrar Haque generated a lot of attention.
The actor managed to make a lasting impression on the audience despite having little on screen time. The actor revealed this in a recent interview, reflecting that while he wishes he could have done more sequences, he is grateful to have been able to work on Animal.
In response to questions about his little screen time, Bobby Deol said in an interview with a media agency that the type of character that has the most depth matters more than the duration of the role. The performer proceeded to convey his desire for additional scenes, as he revealed, “I wish I had more scenes, but when I signed the film, I knew this is what I had. At that point in my life, I was grateful to God that I was given this chance to play this role by Sandeep.”
He further revealed, “I knew I had only 15 days of work and wouldn’t be there throughout the film. I was sure people would notice me, but I never realized that there would be so much love, appreciation, and affection. It’s like, wow! It’s amazing.”
Unexpectedly, Bobby Deol has found newfound success with Animal, and he appeared emotional on several occasions, presumably from being overwhelmed by the reception.


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