Tiger Zinda Hai


In the Tiger Zinda Hai, Salman is back again as the significant part of an engaging action movie that has its emotions and patriotic sense in the right measures.
Megastar Salman Khan and gifted filmmaker Kabir Khan teamed up for spy actioner Ek Tha Tiger in 2012, in which Salman essayed a RAW agent on a mission and the movie, an Eid release, had become a hit.
Getting back together with Salman after the successful Sultan, Ali Abbas Zafar takes the plunge to concoct a rewarding blockbuster that treats it's star as importantly as it's script.
Now, Salman is back as Tiger under the direction of his Sultan director Ali Abbas Zafar for the sequel Tiger Zinda Hai, which takes our hero to Iraq.
As per plot, Eight years after Tiger (Salman) and Zoya (Katrina Kaif) eloped and are presumed dead, a new threat looms on the horizon in the form of ISC (based on ISIS) leader Abu Usman, who is hungry for a bloodbath. When Usman is injured in an encounter and is rushed to a hospital, a bunch of Indian and Pakistani nurses are held hostage in the hospital and ordered to tend to Usman’s needs. In order to save the day, RAW head Shenoy (Girish Karnad) seeks out Tiger and requests him to assemble a team and head to Iraq to rescue the hostages. Pointless to say, Zoya too joins the fray with an ISI team to save the Pakistani nurses and the two teams join forces to take on Usman. How they accomplish to do this, forms the rest of the plot.
Salman as Tiger has an influential screen presence. He looks pretty good, whether he is fighting a pack of wolves or pampering his lady love or single-handedly taking on the rogues. While, Katrina is really beautiful and looks quite good in performing action scenes. She delivers her part with self-confidence. In a film totally dependent on Tiger’s charisma and combat skills, Katrina’s Zoya steals the show in an elongated action scene inside the City Council building of Ikrit. Her body double plays a significant role in it. Angad Bedi, who had captivated us in ‘Pink’ doesn’t get a substantial enough role in spite of being Tiger’s second-in-command.  Paresh Rawal, Kumud Mishra and Girish Karnad are totally misused. Iranian actor Sajjad Delafrooz as Abu Usman is appealing and menacing in equal measures.
Ali Abbas Zafar, the new director of the franchise, sees Salman Khan as a guy who is on the cusp of maturity, if not already there. After Sultan, he has given Salman a window of another five years, and he essays a father in the movie. This also serves Salman’s famous image of a guy who is a hit with the kids, a do-gooder by nature. It’s better for the filmmakers to set a character trajectory that matches the star’s present image rather than basking in the glory of the past.
‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ is an enjoyable film and Salman admirers will have a great time viewing their idol take off his shirt and show his muscled torso while bashing up baddies. The action scenes are larger-than-life and would warm the heart of any action lovers. There are a couple of surprise elements and they work too. Really, Tiger Zinda Hai is exactly the film you wanted to associate Salman Khan with, so no displeasures on that front.
Film suffers from logic deficiency. A few dialogues are unintentionally hilarious. It is probably the best a filmmaker could do with a superstar. Just wait for the moment when Salman Khan dodges the most dangerous criminals and their rocket launchers while riding a horse.

The cinematography and the music is OK as per film’s theme. Julius Packiam's background score is an added advantage for the film.
Overall, Film Tiger Zinda Hai is worthy to watch once for Salman Khan’s deadly avatar as Tiger.


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