Helmed by Kahaani’s Sujoy Ghosh, Badla is an official remake of the captivating Spanish thriller The Invisible Guest. Badla had the viewers at the edge of their seats.
The crime-thriller rotates around a successful business woman Naina, who has a husband, a daughter and a boyfriend. Someone comes to know about their illicit affair and starts blackmailing them. The blackmailer demands a sum of Rs. 100,000 pounds from the couple and calls them to a hotel room of his choice. But, things take an ugly turn when the blackmailer kills Naina’s boyfriend Arjun and vanishes into thin air. Naina gets accused of murdering her boyfriend and her attorney then hires ace lawyer, Badal Gupta, who has never lost a case in his life, to save Naina. How Badal Gupta brings forth Naina’s truth in front of the world forms the rest of the plot.
Director Sujoy Ghosh has refrained from touching the original script and screenplay. Only the genders of the protagonists have been changed, The Invisible Guest had a female lawyer, a male accused and a worried father and Badla has a male lawyer, a female businesswoman, accused of killing her own boyfriend, and a distressed mother.
Superstar Amitabh Bachchan is good as Badal Gupta. Big B captivates us with his baritone and looks like an intelligent lawyer. Vivacious Taapsee Pannu has a good screen presence but, she perpetually has one expression throughout the film. Taapsee’s character has many shades and they’re revealed one by one as the story progresses. The actress makes all the transitions seem perfectly authentic. Amrita Singh has essayed a key role in the movie and though she is quite irritating firstly, she redeems herself later by giving an excellent performance. Tony Luke has essayed Taapsee’s boyfriend and he is terrible. Manav Kaul has played the role of Pannu’s attorney and he is OK with his performance.
Director Sujoy Ghosh has shot the movie well and has kept it engaging but then again, he had a ready-made project and he just had to copy it so can’t give much credit to him. Badla’s whole credit goes to the writer and director of The Invisible Guest.
Cinematography is exceptional and the background score is worthy. The dialogues are regular and seem repetitive at times.
Film Badla is worthy to watch once for its thrilling elements and good performances.


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