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Akaash Vani - Official Trailer

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Star Cast : Kartik Aaryan

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The story starts with both Akaash (Kartik Tiwari) and Vani (Nushrat Bharucha) leaving their house to go to college. Vani catches her train on the other hand Akaash travels by a truck as he misses his train. As they reach their the next day Vaani says "I love you" to Akaash. Akaash replies to this in a filmy way and both of them become friends.They also make friends with two other people. Slowly, Akaash and Vani fall in love with each other and continue a 4-year relationship. As their final year comes to an end, Akaash decides to go to UK for his further studies. Vani returns to Dehradun to attend her sister's wedding. She tells her sister about her relationship but she reacts with a negative response. However, the next day her family finds out that her sister has eloped with some other guy and her parents are heart broken. In the fear of society's response they decide to get Vani married. Vani has to agree to this and breaks up with Akaash unwillingly. Akaash is also heart broken by this. Vaani gets married with an arrogant man and he forcefully has sex with her every night. All Vani can do is cry and soon she loses faith in herself. Vani thinks that she can't bear anymore with her husband and returns home. However,her parents send her back. A week later, Vani's mama/mami come to visit her and take her back to Delhi for a week to have fun with her friends. There she sees Akaash and they spend some time together. Akaash decides that he wants Vani back. He takes her and their two other friends to Chandigarh. Vani realizes that she loves Akaash dearly and cannot live without him. However, she returns to Delhi after a phone call from her father. Akaash on the other hand can't lose Vani anymore and travels to Delhi without telling her. All her friends meet at Delhi and go with her to her house. Ravi (Vani's husband) arrives there too. Akaash observes the way in which Vani is ill-treated by her husband. Vani finally realizes that she can no longer live with a man who cannot respect her. She tells her parents that she wants a divorce and they are stunned. They try to pacify her but she is resolute this time. A family fight takes place and Vani leaves the house. She returns to Delhi where she completes her M.B.A. and also divorces Ravi. Later, Akaash and Vani get married.



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